What is a Handover Inspection Report?

A handover inspection is a report for the buyer of a newly constructed home and takes place prior to the buyer taking possession of their new home, once the building work has been completed.

It’s generally the final stage in the construction of a home or unit, and an essential step in the home building process so that buyers can be certain that the work carried out on their new home has been done to the agreed upon standards and properly completed.

As an independent party, we work for the buyer to identify any outstanding defects and/or incomplete finishes, making sure the building will meet industry standards. A handover inspection and report highlights in detail any minor defects in quality, omissions, imperfections, as well as general building defects and poor workmanship, following a thorough inspection of all areas of the new property (internal and external).

This is an overall report where we are looking to ensure that the property is complete and ready for the new buyer to move in.

Unfortunately, we are often called upon to carry out an inspection only to find the property is not finished. As we do not want to waste our time, and or your money, it is important that you are satisfied that the builder and all other tradesman have completely finished before ordering your Handover inspection report.