What is a New Construction Report?

Clients who are looking to enter into a building contract, are in the process of constructing a residential property or have issues during the warranty periods with their newly constructed building. Assistance is available for anyone building or intending to build, before, during or after the building process. Supporting both the customer and the builder to produce and maintain excellent quality in the building industry.

Construction Stage Assessments

If you are about to go through the building process, whether it is a new building / extension / addition or renovation; the chances are you will be entering into a contract. This is an important matter and can have serious implications if not considered correctly.

Therefore the first stage of any project is to get the paperwork correct, as success is in the planning. We offer an initial site inspection and assessment of the working drawings, specifications and contract.

The results of carrying out such an assessment are improved plans and designs, better understandings of hidden implications and the process, tighter contract conditions with less variations to work / price, improved construction time and a smoother building experience.

Progress Stage Inspection and Recommendations  (Slab, Frame, Lockup, Fixing Stages)

Staying abreast of issues during construction is important to avoid problems down the track. Regular site visits with accurate reporting at any stage of a project often detects an issue before it becomes a serious problem. This service is particularly useful for interstate / overseas clients or clients desiring extra expert support or arms length independent assessment / updates that are reflective of the project status.