What is a Practical completion report?

A final inexpensive inspection to ensure your new building is up to standard.

The report will have photographs of every item that requires attention. We check compliance and quality against the specifications that have been agreed with the builder. All our reports are compliant with the BCA and Australian standards.

The Report will identify

  • Items which are unfinished (incomplete work), which don’t comply with Australian Standards and the BCA Volume Two, including any minor issues
  • Problems which need fixing (defective work)

Who does it?
Registered building consultants who are trained on whether irregular work is a cause for concern.

When should a Final Report be prepared?
A Final Report should be prepared and reviewed before making final payment to the building contractor. After practical completion, most building contracts include a period of time for an Inspection to be conducted and a Final Report prepared. After which the contract usually allows for a period where the building contractor repairs and completes what is required. In our experience most builders favour a Final Report by an independent party being prepared so they can address problems before you take possession.

Why should I have a Final Report prepared?
You can move into a new home with confidence that an independent inspector has given an unbiased opinion with a trained eye. New home inspections can save you money on maintenance issues the builder should have rectified in the first place.

Which types of properties are inspected?
Any new building, renovation or fit-out work.